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The 20th Annual MS-DI Conference 

Integrative & Personalized Nutrition:

Embracing Client-Centered Care


The MS-DI conference is held every year to provide continuing education for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and other food and nutrition professionals in Gainesville and the surrounding area. The conference is organized by second-year students of the University of Florida's Master of Science -  Dietetic Internship Program. The theme this year is Integrative and Personalized Nutrition, and four speakers have been invited to share their knowledge and expertise in this area. Attendees will be provided with CDR-approved CPEU credits, complimentary lunch, and the opportunity to win raffle prizes. There is no charge to attend. 


 Thursday, August 2, 2018
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Registration begins at 9:00 AM


Florida Farm Bureau

5700 SW 34th Street

Gainesville, FL 32608



From SW 34th St heading south (from UF/Archer Rd):
Pass through the intersection of Williston Road (Hwy 331), and make a right into Florida Farm Bureau immediately following (0.5 miles). Parking is available around the back of the building (the I-75 side). 

From I-75:
Take exit 382 to head east on Williston Road (Hwy 331).
Turn right on SW 34th Street, and make a right into Florida Farm Bureau immediately following (0.5 miles). 

Parking is available around the back of the building
(the I-75 side).



Karen D. Corbin, PhD, RD

Dr. Corbin is a Faculty Investigator at the Translational Research Institute of Metabolism and Diabetes (TRI-MD). Her program of research focuses on enterohepatic metabolism and the mechanisms that drive individual susceptibility to metabolic diseases such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes and obesity. The specific mechanisms she is investigating include whole body energy balance, novel circulating, genetic and tissue biomarkers, advanced non-invasive hepatic imaging methodologies, the gut microbiome, and nutritionally-relevant signaling pathways.


Dr. Corbin is a founding member of Advancing Care for Type 1 Diabetes and Obesity Network (ACT1ON), a consortium of clinical, behavioral and basic scientists comprising expertise in endocrinology, epidemiology, nutrition, exercise physiology, clinical psychology, and biostatistics. ACT1ON aims to elucidate drivers of overweight and obesity in youth and adults with type 1 diabetes. The overarching goal of ACT1ON is to develop evidence-based guidelines for individuals with type 1 diabetes and their diabetes care team regarding weight management and weight loss.


Prior to arriving at TRI-MD, Dr. Corbin was a Research Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill, Department of Nutrition. She conducted both her faculty and post-doctoral research at the UNC Nutrition Research Institute in Kannapolis, NC. Her research program was dedicated to understanding individual differences nutrient requirements. Her goal was to understand how these differences influenced metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and fatty liver. Her studies focused on choline and betaine, two nutrients known to modulate metabolic phenotypes. Dr. Corbin’s research spanned the translational research continuum, from mechanistic studies performed at the laboratory bench, to population studies and clinical trials designed to translate her findings into human populations. Dr. Corbin utilized a combination of classic molecular biology approaches, controlled feeding studies, and innovative phenotyping tools, including whole room calorimetry, transient elastography, body composition, genomics, metabolomics, and microbiome profiling.


Dr. Corbin earned her doctorate degree at the University of South Florida College of Medicine in 2008. She became a registered dietitian in 1998 after completing her dietetic internship at the James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa, FL. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Science in 1997 at Florida State University.

Marilyn Gordon Ed.D, RDN, CSSD, LDN

Dr. Gordon, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist has specialty board certification and is credentialed as a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Dr. Gordon has enjoyed employment in clinical, community, educational, and fitness settings. She has assisted the Nova Southeastern University Sharks Athletic Teams, Sports Medicine, and Employee Wellness programs for more than 10 years. She is a proponent of optimal health, sports performance, and disease prevention using healthy food choices as the ultimate fuel and yoga for stress reduction. 


Dr. Gordon earned her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science, and holds a Doctorate degree in Higher Education. Professionally she studies the recent research and attends national conferences on the topics of Sports Nutrition and Functional Medicine/Nutrition. 

Karin Kratina, PhD, RDN, LDN, SEP

Dr. Karin Kratina is a nationally recognized nutrition therapist, author and speaker who is known for her groundbreaking work with intuitive eating and eating disorders. She co-authored the first professional book on intuitive eating, Moving Away from Diets, and has authored multiple book chapters including “Treatment of Eating Disorders” in the Handbook of Medical Nutrition Therapy: The Florida Diet Manual.


Dr. Kratina has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and a PhD in Symbolic Anthropology from the University of Florida, and is now in private practice in Gainesville where she works with clients to heal emotional eating, disordered eating, body image issues and weight concerns.  Her passion is to help others break free of food issues and discover a sense of peace and freedom around eating while learning to eat intuitively.


Always interested in bringing new healing modalities to her clients, she became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and uses this process to help clients heal emotional eating issues. She also teaches Enneagram workshops, and uses this personality system in her work with clients.

Denise Pickett-Bernard PhD, RDN, LDN

As a clinician, educator and chef, Dr. Pickett-Bernard merged all her talents when she created the Bachelor of Science curriculum in Culinary Nutrition for Life University in Marietta, GA, where she provides thought leadership as the Assistant Dean of Nutrition.  This past year, Dr. Pickett-Bernard has worked to develop Life’s MS in Clinical Nutrition into an Integrative and Functional degree program which will include advanced coursework in food science, culinary nutrition, and functional diagnosis. Dr. Pickett-Bernard is a registered and licensed dietitian in both Florida and Georgia and an Integrative and Functional Certified Practitioner (IFNCP). She is working on the AFMCP certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine. Dr. Pickett-Bernard is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier and holds a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, BS in Food Service Management; and an MS in Food Science and Human Nutrition. She earned a PhD from Barry University studying spiritual factors which affect weight control maintenance.   

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Morning snacks and drinks


Welcome & Opening



Nutrigenomics, Human Health &
the Future of Dietetics

Karen Corbin PhD, RD


Culinary Medicine

Denise Pickett Bernard PhD,




Afternoon snacks and drinks

Raffle draw



Raffle draw


Integrating Yoga into Your Nutrition and Dietetics Practice

Marilyn Gordon EdD, RDN, CSSD, LDN


Intuitive Eating: The Ultimate Weight Management Tool

Karin Kratina PhD, RD, LDN


Closing remarks

Introduction to charity & exhibitors








Samantha Buddemeyer

Samantha grew up in the small west coast community of Marco Island, Florida, and graduated from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. Throughout the years, beach activities were important past times for Sam and her family, but when she and her family were not spending weekends at the beach, they spent it on Florida’s other coast at the hospital. Sam had three chronically ill siblings that introduced her to the hospital and medical setting and inspired her to be a member of the medical team in the future. During her first year of college, Sam took an introductory nutrition course and noticed it was the only textbook she enjoyed reading in her spare time. She quickly realized that nutrition and its connection to science, health, and lifestyle was her passion. As her interest in the subject grew, Sam began to realize that she wanted to specialize in pediatric nutrition and nutrition support. Sam has shadowed PICU and NICU RDNs, and she interned for a summer at The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh to get a head start in learning about practice areas she loves. For fun, Sam enjoys playing volleyball, going to aquariums, spending time with her family and dogs, and traveling to new destinations.

Claire Marie Fassett

Claire Marie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in dietetics at the University of Florida in 2016. Growing up, cooking with her mother and grandmother was a favorite past time for Claire Marie, but with a family history of heart disease, she began to take an interest in how the food she was cooking would affect her and her family’s health. By the time she was in high school, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in dietetics. Claire Marie is passionate about the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity and the role a family plays in a child’s health. Through her internship rotations, Claire Marie hopes to improve her knowledge, skills, and confidence in her ability to provide medical nutrition therapy to children and adults, with special emphasis on developing excellent nutrition counseling skills. During her free time, Claire Marie enjoys golfing, boating, and cooking.

Wendy Gans

Wendy ventured out west to complete her undergraduate degree in dietetics at Montana State University and graduated in 2013. Wendy is passionate about health and the ways in which high quality food and lifestyle can heal the body. In the future, Wendy looks forward to pursuing a career in integrative and functional nutrition, with one of her goals being to create a holistic private practice that combines her knowledge as a dietitian with her skills as a certified yoga instructor and her love of cooking. Wendy has previously volunteered as an EMT at an American Diabetes Association summer camp and associated bike races, taught yoga classes at University of Florida’s Health Street community center, and worked for a nonprofit organization teaching special needs classes in the Bahamas, all of which helped shape her philosophy about the importance of an integrative and well-rounded approach to health. Wendy loves to travel and has backpacked through multiple countries in Central and South America and Europe, and she spent six months living on a small island in the Bahamas. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and being as active as possible, with some of her favorite activities including hiking, yoga, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

Kelly Johnston

Kelly was born and raised on a farm just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado. Her interest in nutrition began at age five when she became a vegetarian, but Kelly took an unconventional path into dietetics. Prior to completing her undergraduate degree, Kelly traveled, and worked as a dog groomer. This experience helped Kelly realize the importance of a college education and this prompted her to return to Colorado State University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Although her interest in nutrition is broad, Kelly’s true passion is the promotion of plant-based diets. Her future career goal as a registered dietitian nutritionist is to educate the public on the health benefits of a plant-based diet and to assist clients in healthful and compassionate behavior changes.

Rachel Savelle

Rachel was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Growing up, she had a passion for playing competitive sports. At an early age, she began to understand the impact that diet has on athletic performance. Her interest in food and nutrition motivated her to sign up for elective nutrition classes at her high school, and eventually pursue an undergraduate education in dietetics at the University of Florida. In 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetic, and was accepted to the University of Florida’s Master of Science – Dietetic Internship (MS-DI) Program. Through the various opportunities she has experienced as part of the MS-DI Program so far, she is most enthusiastic about the role of nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention and hopes to work as a dietitian in the community setting. One of the things she has learned from her experiences is the importance of avidly advocating for her patients. Rachel’s strongest attributes are her ability to think critically and lead groups effectively. She enjoys spending time outdoors, taking walks, playing guitar, singing, and bragging about her cat.

Pooja Tolani

Pooja received her Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Florida. She developed an appreciation for nutrition after being inspired by her parents who taught her to view food as a form of medicine. Pooja’s mother frequently prepared traditional south Asian meals for her family using exotic herbs and spices like turmeric, holy basil, and saffron, which piqued her interest in cooking and the compelling power of nutrition on health outcomes. During her undergraduate career, Pooja volunteered at the University of Florida’s Sports Nutrition Office, Malcom Randall VA Medical Center, and UF Health Shands Hospital and found all her volunteering experiences to be eye-opening and meaningful. She discovered her passion for working with patients and different health professionals through her experiences in clinical settings. Over the years, she has learned the importance of good communication, displaying empathy, and being culturally sensitive, all of which she hopes to continually develop throughout her professional career. Her future career interests include clinical dietetics, nutrition education, and working in community wellness programs. Besides cooking and learning about nutrition, she enjoys arts and crafts; performing traditional forms of Indian dance; and traveling.

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One of the long-standing traditions deeply valued by the MS-DI program is to support a local charity whose mission dovetails with the annual conference's theme.  This year, the students have chosen to contribute to Working Food. Since the conference is being offered free of charge, attendees are encouraged to consider making a donation to this worthy organization.

Working Food works collaboratively at the intersection of three programs to provide business development support and infrastructure, community education on gardening, nutrition, cooking and other food related issues, and better access to fresh and value-added food for individuals, institutions, and businesses.

The organization strives to: 

  • Increase food literacy and security by making connections between local food access, food-related skills, and better health;

  • Promote cultural, ecological, and economic diversity and justice;

  • Expand and strengthen the local food economy by creating links between local farmers and our community;

  • Create a mechanism for local investment in good food and local businesses in order to have a healthier and more equitable food system.


  • Training in culinary and food industry skills, techniques, and regulations

  • Assistance with gaining access to local food sources, new markets, and distribution channels

  • Curate a collection of garden seeds that do well in North Florida climate

  • Seed savers, promoters, and awareness

  • Building a community-based regional and biodiverse seed bank

  • Collaborate with Alachua County School Board’s Farm to School to Work program to provide hands-on garden training

  • Employment for adults with special needs

  • After school science club gardens

Youth Garden 

Southern Heritage
Seed Collection 

To learn more about the organization, visit their website:

There are many ways to make a positive difference.

From getting your hands dirty in the garden to helping out with a craft table for kids, Working Food has opportunities for all skill levels and interests to get involved!
Email to be added to the weekly volunteer opportunity emails.

You can also support Working Food by becoming a member. Click here to learn about the perks of joining this community:  


A collection box will be available at the conference for monetary gifts. You can also donate online through the organization's website: 


Connecting our community to the importance of local food

Working Food is a non-profit organization that works to cultivate and sustain a resilient local food community in North Central Florida through collaboration, economic opportunity, education, and seed stewardship.



Check-in begins at 9:00 AM

For all inquiries, contact Claire-Marie Fassett at  

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